Examples of Display Options

The following examples demonstrate some of the options available in HTML View.

You could just choose the format option that best suits your needs, and then adapt it to your specific requirements and preferences. Chapter 6 of the HTML View manual provides details on how to change templates to adapt layouts and formatting.


Download NetMan Web Client

This is an example of a download link, which you can insert in your pages.
To make clients available for download, copy them (in the latest version) to the HTML View download directory.

Nested NetMan Desktop

A "nested desktop" shows only the highest level in the directory structure. Users can view lower levels by clicking on the desired desktop entry.
This display option is preferable if the desktop contains a large number of elements, for which the "expanded desktop" option (see below) would result in an extremely long page.

Expanded NetMan Desktop (English)

An "expanded desktop" shows all desktop entries on a single HTML page. Entries are indented from the left margin in accordance with the directory level.

Expanded NetMan Desktop (German)

You can insert an instruction to have HTML View show the same display in German (Language Module required).

Insert Individual Configurations in an Existing HTML Page

You can add NetMan configurations to any page, in any position.
The text shown for the link to the configuration is loaded at run time from the NetMan database and inserted in the HTML text in accordance with the "link.htm" template. If you do not want a text displayed for the link, you can have the URL called directly. Every NetMan configuration can be called using a URL with the following syntax:


This method is recommend for platform-independent access; for instance, if your applications are presented on a Unix-based Web server and you want to have the link executed over HTML View on an Apache server.

Complete NetMan Desktop with Categories

This example shows the following:

- How NetMan configuration categories can be displayed in HTML documents
- How you can use different HTML format templates in different documents
- How you can use a JScript to register NetMan start files on a workstation

Alphabetically Sorted NetMan Desktop

This example shows the following:

- How NetMan configurations can be displayed in an alphabetical list
- How you can use HTML templates to format an alphabetically sorted desktop